Dyson DC25 Ball Upright VacuumBesides being practical, Vacuum Cleaners does not cause more dust flying as we move around compared when using brooms for sweeping. There are 2 main types of Vacuum Cleaners that you should know, and this 2 will be the one mostly likely you will find on the market. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

The first type is a kind of upright. This type is the best choice for cleaning carpets or rugs, even if they are thick. By using rotating bristles (brushroll), this tool is able to dismantle the dust that is tucked in between the fur carpet, making it easier to suck up the dust or dirt. Another advantage is the ability to suck up fine fibers such as hair and fur. They are cheaper than the other main type of vacuum as well.

Unfortunately, Upright Vacuum Cleaners are having trouble reaching under furniture such as bed or cabinets, and the corners of the floor. Most of them are also awkward to use for cleaning stairs.

Barrel or canister vacuum cleanerFor such work could be done by a cylinder type or also known as canister or barrel vacuum cleaners. In this type, a separate suction pipe of the engine and the dust storage bag, so that it can freely break through narrow gaps. This type of Vacuum Cleaners do not use rotating bristles but makes a strong suction power. Therefore it is ideal for cleaning hard floor of the house as it won’t leave scratch marks. Before you decide in which vacuum to pick, you should know the best rated vacuum cleaners so that you are sure to get a reliable vacuum.

Although Vacuum Cleaners greatly assist in the housework, inevitably this tool also raises a number of complaints from users. A common complaint is about the weight and size of the unit is too heavy or bulky. Vacuum Cleaners type of upright vacuum for between the pipe and the bag together, makes this tool heavier. Some brands of cylindrical type are also heavy. Another complaint is the sound problems were too noisy. The loudest sound was issued by the upright type.

An asthma attack is actually the symptoms of allergy to dust, flour, feathers, or fine fibers. A person with asthma have difficulty breathing when inhaling harmful particles. Cats for example, can bring in allergies. Fur is easily found anywhere, even at home who do not keep a cat. This happens because the fur is very light and easy blown by the wind. In addition to cat dander, pollen flowers can also cause allergies, but limited to certain plants). So how to choose Vacuum Cleaners for asthma sufferers? The main consideration is to choose a vacuum with HEPA filter that will trap the dirt that we can hardly see. But for the filter to receive a HEPA check of approval, the manufacturer of the product must trap 99.97% of a vacuum cleaner’s emissions,  & down to a little 0.3 microns. In addition, most of the regular vacuum filters can only retain for up to 96%. So this means it will be a big help to people with extreme dust allergies.