When choosing a vacuum cleaner, you will have the option to choose many types of vacuum such as uprights, canisters, hand-held, stick and cordless vacuum cleaners. Each type will have an advantage over the other.

As an example, an upright vacuum is most suitable to clean carpets because of their rolling brush that goes deep into the carpet, picking up embedded dirt.

A canister is a vacuum ideal for cleaning hardwood floors due to its strong suction and no rolling brushe is used that could scatter debris, resulting to sratches. Canister are also less heavier, so it won’t give much pressure to the floor when dragging to prevent any marks.

A Hand held or cordless vacuum is the most portable and ideal vacuum to clean above the floor and cars as well. They are better used for quick clean ups, and not for cleaning the entire home.

So if you have already decided on what type of vacuum cleaner to have, it is time to know the proper ways of maintaining your vacuum in good condition.

It is ideal to empty the canister bin of a vacuum half-empty so the vacuum will work effieciently.

Regularyly clean the filter of your vacuum to avoid any clogging to maximize the potential of your vacuum. If you seen that there are already many wear and tear of the filter, change with a new filter.

You should also vacuum regularly (once a week or more) so that your vacuum won’t have to insert more effort in cleaning too much dirt and dust on your floors.